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King of Baji Fist (2023) [Chinese] | Download Mp4

Movie 1 year ago

Download King of Baji Fist (2023) [Chinese]

Xu Cheng, the contemporary heir of the traditional Bajiquan family, advanced all the way in the process of participating in the "True Martial Arts Fighting Competition", but was unexpectedly defeated by the American boxing master Jason, and his life and death were uncertain. Xu Cheng's younger brother, Xu Shi, originally chose to study for further study. After learning that his brother Xu Cheng had an accident, he stood up again and took on the responsibility of being the successor of the Bajiquan family. Xu Shi found out that his brother's serious injury accident was caused by Ma Yuanlong, the chairman of "Zhenwu Ge Fighting Competition", who used the game as a gambling game and abused banned drugs. With the help of her fellow teacher Lin Wan who returned from overseas, Xu Shi participated in the "Zhenwu Mixed Martial Arts Boxing Championship" competition as a boxer, and designed to investigate the truth behind Xu Cheng's serious injury accident. At the same time, the past between Lin Wan's grandfather Lin Zongying and Xu Shi's grandfather Xu Chengzong, which is related to the inheritance of Bajiquan, also made Xu Shi and Lin Wan think about the past and future, inheritance and development of Bajiquan. In the midst of grievances and grievances, Xu Shi did not change his original intention, insisted on his duty as a boxer, and fought for the family honor and the inheritance of Bajiquan.

Original Title: Baji Boxing King
Genre: Drama | Action
Country: Mainland China
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Subtitle: Chinese-English (Hardcoded)
Release date: 2023-07-03 (Mainland China)
IMDb rating: N/A
Runtime: 92 minutes
Director: Chunxiong Yin
Actor: Yin Chunxiong Chunxiong Yin

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